Chock-full of features

Build your surveillance system on a solid foundation.
Build it with Milestone Arcus on ReadyNAS.

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Unique features in store

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    Most Scalable solution

    Highest storage capacity ranging from 2 to 60 bay, support of 1 to 100 HD cameras with easy coverage expansion by the addition of a NETGEAR PoE switch for distant deployment.

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    Total protection of your assets

    Experience the best data retention with ReadyNAS 5 level of data protection and hybrid remote NAS and Cloud backup.

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    World-class surveillance from the experts

    Two world class technology leaders combine forces to offer the most trusted video protection of the market.

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Get high-quality & scalable video surveillance

With the combination of Milestone Arcus and ReadyNAS, get the best from the #1 in video surveillance and the #1 in networking.

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  • Largest storage capacity choice
  • Free app for anywhere viewing
  • Simple set-up & operation
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    Designed by the surveillance & storage experts

    Milestone knows video, NETGEAR knows networking and storage and we’ve put all our know-how in this solution.

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    Anywhere viewing & management

    Get anytime, anywhere access to your video feeds with Milestone mobile.

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    Widest IP cameras compatibility

    Milestone is compatible with thousands of leading IP Cameras for the best choice in the market (Axis, Hikvision, Vivotek, Sony…) Full list here

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    Total protection

    Each solution comes with a 5-year warranty & a single point of contact for support.

Easily expandable solution for ultimate scalability and coverage

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How many cameras do you need to manage?

The flexible license policy allows you to choose the exact number of Milestone Arcus on ReadyNAS licenses you need now and then easily expand with additional licenses or functionality over time.

up to 4 cameras

With our 4 camera licence bundle, you can get your small business covered instantly. Ideal for cafes, retail, primary care.

up to 8 cameras

With our 8 camera licence bundle, you can get your medium business covered instantly. Ideal for pre-schools, hotels, larger retail, offices.

more than 8 cameras

Adding up our 1, 4 and 8 camera licence offers will bring you to the exact number of cameras you need for your business.
For specific requirements, please contact us.


Use this tool to pick the right ReadyNAS model for your surveillance needs.


Business-class ReadyNAS integrated with Milestone Arcus

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readynas 422
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readynas 424
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readynas 426
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readynas 428
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readynas 524x
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readynas 526x
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readynas 528x
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readynas 626X
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readynas 628X
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readynas 2304
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Readynas 2312
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readynas 3138
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readynas 3312
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readynas 4312X
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readynas 4360X